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πŸ€” Who am I?


I’m a junior university student majoring in electronic engineering in Tokyo. Computer science is not my field of expertise, but also studying myself about it.

Frontend developer

I started with C and learned html/css, JavaScript and React.js. I also have experience working as a front-end engineer.

πŸ–₯️ Skills

  • JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML/CSS
  • React.js,Next.js
  • Frontend testing(Jest, Cypress)

🐬 Activities

OSS Contiributer

  • aws-amplify/amplify-cli: Log
  • rust-lang/rust-clippy: Log
  • withastro/astro: Log

OSS Author

  • react-ts-github-calendar: github

πŸ‘» Experiences

Merpay,Inc(2021/08 ~ 2021/09)

Added integration tests using Cypress to the dashboard for merchant review made with Nuxt.js.

Cybozu,Inc(2021/08~ 1week)

Created a monorepo in the repository using Clousure Tools. I selected the technology, implemented it, and also created the ADR(Architecture Descision Record).

Mixi,Inc(2021/06 ~ 2021/07)

Our service allows you to search for restaurants where you can watch sports games. Created a system in Rails that notifies merchant owners by email when the game schedule changes.

Wantedly,Inc(2021/03~ 2weeks)

Replaced the frontend created with haml, SCSS, and CoffeeScript on Rails with React.js and TypeScript.,Inc(2020/07 ~ 2021/03)

Created a corporate website with React and TypeScript.

πŸ”₯ Learing now....

  • Rust
  • Compiler
  • Operation System

❀️ Love

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